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Glow Nail & Beauty has an advance range of treatments that create a one stop beauty shop. We cover all your basic beauty needs which includes:
Nails, waxing, massages, heel treatments, makeup, facials, lash extensions and much more.


Bikini Wax R190
Full Arm R170
Underarm R120
Full Leg R250
½ Leg R180
¾ Leg R200
Lip/Brow R80
Chin R80
Toes R60

Lashes & Brows

Brow Tinting R80
Lashes Tinting R80
Henna Brows (includes shape) R300
Classic Full Set Lashes R600
Full Set Volume Lashes R700
2 week Classic lashes touch up R350
2 week Volume lashes touch up R400
Removal R200
Lash lift R300
Lash lift & tint R400


Back Neck and Shoulder R250
Back Neck Shoulder & Scalp R390


Bio Sculpture  
Gel/Evo Overlay R270
Full set tips Overlay Gel/Evo R310
Full set sculpture with overlay R330
Lavender Base Treatment R170
Gel/Evo Fill R270
Soak R80
Repair Per Nail R45
Nail Art  
Full Set R90
Per Nail R15


Nelé Naturalé  
Overlay French R290
Overlay Color R310
Full Set Sculpting French R350
Full Set Sculpting Color R410
Fill French (3 - 4 weeks) R240
Fill Color (3 - 4 weeks) R260
File & Seal (2 Weeks) R140
File Off Nelé Product R80
Repair Per Nail R45


Pedicure with Gel Overlay R350
Pedicure with Nelé Overlay R350
SurgiHeel Foot Treatment R180
Gel/Evo Overlay R200
Gel/Evo French Overlay R220
Nelé Naturalé French R220
Nelé Naturalé Colour R250


Aromatic Vitaderm Facial R350
Purifying Deep Cleanse Vitaderm Facial R390
Deluxe Aromatic Vitaderm Facial R455
Hydro Intensive Vitaderm Facial R590
Deluxe Hydro intensive Vitaderm Facial R680

Intensive Exfoliation

Fruit Acid Peel 20% R480
Fruit Acid Peel 50% R490
Lactic Acid Peel 30% R490
Hydroxy Acid Peel R490


Multiple fine needles vertically pierce the skin in rapid succession.
These pinprick micro wounds promote epidermal healing by initiating the skin's natural healing process.
The wound repair process includes fibroblast proliferation and stimulation of collagen and elastin production.

  • Perfect for maintaining a healthy skin
  • Boosts long term regeneration
  • Increase collagen sheet under the skin
  • Activates natural production of hyaluronic acid
  • Results in a more hydrated, plumped complexion
  • Minimal epidermal damage
  • Added benefit of capillary growth

Collagen Induction Therapy
Face and Neck  -  R950
Scar treatments (Consultation required for pricing)


It was her BTec in Somatology which sparked Hannelie Graham's true passion for the Health and Wellness Industry; of which her favourite area of expertise is skincare and skin health. She is well known for her exquisite salon, Glow Nail & Beauty studio in Centurion, where she heads up a team who strive for pure perfection, relaxation, rejuvenation and attention to detail. Glow Nail and Beauty Studio offers different nail systems and the perfect selection of beauty treatments from waxing, messages, heal treatments, lash extensions, makeup and much more - all conveniently under one roof

Continuously striving for positive beauty results with an advance range of treatments, she uses only skincare ranges which are free of harmful ingredients and offer the active ingredients to treat specific conditions.

Hannelie is a proud member of BNI and as an Ambassador for BNI Tshwane. She is well received by audiences for her light, friendly enthusiasm for life; and her love for networking is evident.